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The wrong tool to protect our environmentBy Larry Bettinelli, Napa Valley Register, May 2, 2018

I recently read a letter in the Napa Valley Register signed by a number of local members….


Measure C will have chilling effect on Napa’s agricultural economy

by Jeri Hansen-Gill and Dave Whitmer, Wine Industry Advisor, May 1, 2018

Measure C, the “Napa County Watershed and Oak Woodland Protection……


Does Measure C do what it says?

by Phill Blake, Napa Valley Register, May 1, 2018

Measure C states that it will protect our water, our streams and our ….


No on Measure C

by Randy Gularte, May 1, Napa Valley Register

This initiative states that once 795 acres of oaks and other non-….


Court case validated voting No on Measure C (copy)

by Wyman Smith and Erik Lawrence, April 20, Napa Valley Register

We are writing in response to the heavy claims and mistruths …..


Measure C is the opposite of the Ag Preserve

by Don Clark, April 24, Napa Valley Register

A number of recent letters and options on the upcoming vote of Measure C …..


Measure C is not what it purports to be

by Manuel Rios, April 24, 2018, Napa Valley Register

Napa County Farm Bureau opposes Measure C. It is not the environmental….


 The real truth on Measure C

by Bob Gann, April 27, 2018, Napa Valley Register

Why do we even need this law? The proponents know, or should know….


Initiative will further enrich the wealthy

by Leslie Caccamese, February 19, 2018, Napa Valley Register

The Oak Woodlands Initiative is a misguided measure that will have….


Measure C won’t protect our hillsides

by Ross Evin Cofer, April 8, 2018, Napa Valley Register

It’s funny how soundbites from the Yes on Measure C campaign……