Groundwater Sustainability Report

With the just released Napa County Groundwater Sustainability Annual Report – Water Year 2017 the very foundation for justifying Measure C crumbled.

This scientific report states unequivocally that the Napa Valley groundwater basin is stable and full and has been stable over the last several decades.  The problematic area of the Milliken-Sarco-Tulucay sub-area is reported to have stabilized and now has increasing water levels due in part to new County policies.   We should also remember that the SFBRWQCB voted to delist the non-tidal Napa River in 2014.  The Napa River is cleaner today than it has been in the last 75 years. Many folks don’t remember or didn’t live here then, but there were several meat processing plants on the Napa River where the washdown went right into the River.

Napa County 2017 Groundwater Sustainability Report, issued March 2018:


Napa County Ground Water Sustainability Annual Report: Water Year 2017: