Ballot Arguments

From the voter pamphlet:

Direct argument against Measure C

Measure C is confusing, poorly written, and will create too many unintended consequences.

Napa County already has rigorous environmental regulations. This measure undermines voter-approved Measure J, which continues to effectively protect Napa County’s water quality and oak woodlands.

Measure C will do more harm than good. It will restrict future farming in the Ag Watershed and encourage other types of development, while still allowing 795 acres of oak woodlands to be removed—opening the door for event centers and more luxury homes to be developed across our agricultural watershed; destroying our viewshed and hillsides; and increasing traffic on our already congested rural roads and Highway 29.

Residents, conservation groups and agriculturalists all question why proponents would place such a poorly written measure on the ballot. An independent legal analysis concluded that Measure C is “unlawfully vague and misleading” and “creates a significant likelihood” of costly lawsuits against the County — lawsuits that taxpayers will ultimately have to pay for.

When the Oak Tree Removal Limit is reached, Measure C will require property owners to obtain a permit before removing oak trees in the Ag Watershed, to make changes to their land such as widening a driveway or adding on to one’s home. The same legal analysis states this measure could “subject property owners to enforcement actions and criminal penalties who, through no fault of their own, lose trees due to wildfire” caused by human activity.

Napa County’s agricultural community, environmental leaders, elected officials and resident stand united against Measure C. Please join Napa County Farm Bureau, Napa Valley Vintners, Napa Valley Grapegrowers, Winegrowers of Napa County, Coalition Napa Valley, Sustainable Napa County, Senator Bill Dodd, Supervisors Gregory, Pedroza and Ramos; and Mayors Techel (Napa), Canning (Calistoga), Garcia (American Canyon), and Dunbar (Yountville); who all oppose Measure C.

Don’t be fooled. Protect Napa. Vote No on Measure C.


Rebuttal to argument in favor of Measure C

We agree on the importance of protecting agriculture, our natural resources and scenic vistas, but as an independent legal analysis on Measure C concluded, it’s “unlawfully vague and misleading” and threatens the very things proponents claim it might protect.

The Facts About Measure C:

Permits Removal of Massive Amounts of Oak Woodlands

Measure C’s proponents say they want to protect woodland areas. Yet Measure C will allow 795 acres of oak woodlands to be removed without a permit. The County would lose 795 acres of agricultural land.

Threatens Hillsides and Iconic Vistas

Measure C narrowly targets agriculture, but overlooks the real threat to the Napa Valley: destroying our Agricultural Watershed and scenic hillsides to develop luxury homes and other development —which are NOT restricted under Measure C.

Hurts Agriculture

Agricultural organizations are UNITED AGAINST Measure C: Napa County Farm Bureau, Napa Valley Vintners, Napa Valley Grapegrowers and Winegrowers of Napa County.

Goes Too Far

When the Oak Tree Removal Limit is reached, Measure C will prevent homeowners in the Ag Watershed from removing oak trees without a permit. In fact, someone who removes even two oak trees from their property without following the strict regulations of Measure C could be charged with a misdemeanor!

It’s clear: Measure C adds confusing regulations with numerous unintended consequences and undermines Measures J and P, which voters approved to protect farmland.

Join our broad-based coalition: every Napa County agricultural group, Coalition Napa Valley, Sustainable Napa County, elected officials, community leaders and residents and Vote No on Measure C.