By The Numbers

Napa County By The Numbers:

Total acreage of Napa County                                                                              505,000 acres

Total acreage of vineyards                                                                                   46,100 acres

% Napa County used for Vyd                                                                                9.1 %

Vyd in the Ag Preserve                                                                                           32,000 acres

Vyd not in AP nor in oak woodlands                                                                  9,265 acres

Estimated vyd in oak woodlands                                                                        4,835 acres

% of oak woodlands in vyd                                                                                    2.9%

Land Trust of Napa County protected                                                                70,000 acres

All city, county, state and federally owned land in Napa County                 135,000 acres

Total protected land in Napa County                                                                 205,000 acres

% Napa County protected from development                                                           41%

People per square mile

Napa                                                                 187

Marin                                                                500

Mendocino                                                      120

Lake                                                                    49

Solano                                                              520

Sonoma                                                            314


Total vineyard acreage equals only 9.1% of Napa County.  Napa County land owners have voluntarily protected 70,000 acres or 150% of all the vineyards in the County.

Getting an exact number of vineyards in the oak woodlands is difficult.  What I’ve provided is an educated guesstimate.  I’ve taken the total Napa County vineyard acreage and subtracted the known Ag Preserve vineyard acreage, the forested hillside sub-appellations and then made an estimate of acreage in the hills north and east of Calistoga.  I have assumed the Atlas Peak AVA, the Coombsville AVA and the Prichard Hill area vineyards belong in the oak woodlands acreage.


Vineyards not in Ag Preserve and not in oak woodlands:

Atlas Peak AVA                               oak woodlands –  2,015 acres

Carneros AVA                                  3,500 acres

Coombsville AVA                            oak woodlands –  1,370 acres

Diamond Mtn AVA                          500   acres

Howell Mtn AVA                             1,005 acres

Pritchard Hill area                          oak woodlands – unknown acres

Mt Veeder AVA                                 1,700 acres

Spring Mtn District AVA                 965 acres

Stags Leap AVA                                1,350 acres

North & east of Calistoga               200 acres

Wild Horse Valley                           5 acres

Total                                                  9,265 acres


Total Napa Valley vineyards                                            46, 100 acres

Vyds outside of Ag Preserve       9,265 acres

Ag Preserve                               +   32,000 acres

Total                                                41,265 acres             (41,265 acres)


Maximum possible acreage in oak woodlands            4,835 acres